La Ville Rose! The Pink City, that’s how Toulouse is called by the French. When you walk around in the city’s historic center you’ll see why: nearly all buildings are made from a characteristic red terracotta stone. This unique architecture this what gives Toulouse its unmistakable charm.

Toulouse is situated at about an hour long drive from Château Cazalères, and is the largest city is the surroundings. With almost half a million inhabitants it’s France fourth biggest city. If you want to switch up your trips to the countryside around Château Cazalères with a city trip, then Toulouse is the place to be!

Place du Capitole, the central square, makes up the heart of Toulouse’s historical center, and your city trip is most likely to start here. The impressive renaissance-style buildings that rise up on all sides of the square, including the town hall and the theatre, date to the 16th century and form some of the city’s highlights. Behind the town hall you will find the old donjon, or bell tower. Nowadays this tower is home to the Tourist Information Center. Other sites include the Basilica Saint-Sernin de Toulouse, one of the largest Roman churches in the world (listed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites), and Hôtel d’Assézat, a beautiful art museum, also in renaissance style. If you are looking for some peace and quietness in this vibrant city, then Jardin des Plantes is the spot. This large park includes a botanic garden and various museums and cafés.

In the cozy streets of the historic center you’ll find many different cafés, restaurants and shops. Stroll along the old buildings, go shopping or sit down at one of the many terraces. We recommend N°5 Wine Bar. This bar has been chosen as the best wine bar in the World for three consecutive times, and they serve more than 500 different wines, with matching tapas. A true highlight for every wine-lover!

Toulouse is the European ‘capital’ of space- and aero-industry. Large companies like Airbus and SPOT Satellite (a producer of advanced space cameras) are headquartered here, and France’s national space agency has its largest facility here. Book a tour to the Airbus factories, and see with your own eyes how airplanes are build. A visit is a guaranteed success for families with children!