Grotte Mas d'Azil

How cool is it to drive through a cave by car? Mas d’Azil is the only place in Europe where this is possible! This cave is known for its impressive natural entrance: a huge gate that is 51 meters high and 48 meters wide.

In addition to driving through it, you can also book a guided tour that allows you to discover the many special elements of the cave. You imagine yourself in a completely different world and you get an explanation about the stalagmites and stalactites, the prehistoric times and the history of this mystical place.

To make it a fun day trip, you can also visit the Prehistory Museum in the nearby village of Mas d’Azil. This museum gives a beautiful picture of the history of this place and gives you the opportunity to admire many finds such as prehistoric spears and other materials.

Whether you drive through it or take a guided tour, the Mas d’Azil Cave is a must-see if you are in the area!

If you are on a cave tour: in the vicinity of the cave Mas d’Azil you will find even more impressive caves, such as the cave of Niaux, the cave of Bédeilhac and the cave of Lombrives.