Park regulations

Château Cazalères holiday park wishes to use these park regulations to ensure that it is a pleasure for all guests to stay at the park.

Park regulations Residence Château Cazalères

Park regulations Holiday park Château Cazalères  

  1. Please be considerate of other guests and owners who, like you, have come here for their peace and pleasure.
  2. Each villa has its own plot of land, which should be respected at all times. You are not allowed to enter another villa's land.
  3. Please do not use your villa's garden as a football or volleyball pitch. The recreation areas have suitable space for this purpose.
  4. It is not permitted to dig holes, pits, etc. in connection with the cables, pipes and other facilities present in the ground.
  5. Keep the grounds, buildings, plants and gardens clean and do not destroy or damage anything.
  6. Camping in tents, caravan or camper is not allowed.
  7. Deliberately causing noise pollution is forbidden: music, idling engines, etc.
  8. There must be silence in the park after 11 pm.
  9. Be alert to fire hazards.
  10. Barbecuing at the villas is not allowed due to fire hazard.
  11. For drying your laundry outside, a drying rack is available in your accommodation.
  12. It is not permitted to light fireworks.
  13. The possession and/or use of prohibited narcotics of any kind, such as hashish, marijuana, cocaine or any other narcotic, is a criminal offence in France and strictly prohibited. The park could be in serious trouble as a result. Upon detection, a report will be made to the police immediately and without delay.
  14. The speed limit throughout the park is 15 km per hour.
  15. You may park a maximum of one car in the space available at your villa. It is not allowed to park your car outside these spaces.
  16. It is not allowed to charge electric cars of any kind at the holiday homes. The electrical installation of the park is not designed for this purpose. If this rule is violated, a fine of €100 per incident will be imposed.
  17. Trucks and buses are allowed on the park only for delivery or moving.
  18. The villa may be inhabited by the maximum number of people for which it is booked. If you receive visitors in your villa, you must report this to reception. Management is entitled to check the villa for the number of persons booked.
  19. A full inventory is provided in the villa, you must check this on arrival and report any shortages and/or damage immediately.
  20. It is not permitted to move furniture/bedding/blankets etc. outside. The hall and corridors of the villa may not be used as storage.
  21. Upon departure you must leave the villa tidy: i.e. do not leave dirty dishes (do not forget to empty any dishwasher), leave the accommodation broom clean, remove used linen from the beds and deposit it in the hallway, empty the refrigerator and switch it off, dispose of your waste in the containers on the premises, separated into paper, glass and other waste.