Walking holiday in France

Chateau Cazaleres is situated in the Arìege, in the south of France. This department, comparable with the Dutch ‘provinces’, is one of the country’s most thinly populated areas, with only 31 inhabitants per square kilometer. This small amount of people means that the Arìege is ideal for a peaceful and calm walking holiday. Walk for hours in the beautiful surroundings without a car in sight, doesn’t that sound perfect?

The area around Chateau Cazaleres is ideally suited for walking and hiking. From the nearby village of Daumazan-sur-Arize there’s several walking trails into the surrounding hills and fields. You’ll cross rivers, walk through forests and over the countryside, and pass picturesque villages. There’s also many farms in between de villages, where the farmers produce and sell their  goods. Most of these farms sell at their doors, so don’t hesitate and ask if you can try some home-made honey, wine or cheese!

In most of the small villages surrounding Chateau Cazaleres you’ll find weekly farmers markets. Stroll around through the stalls full with local specialties. Most of the farmers gather here to advertise their goods, so you are looking for traditional French honey, or fresh bread and veggies, then this is the place to be!

Nature, picturesque villages and wonderful view. Peace and quietness, in combination with the authentic French ambiance. That is exactly what you will find in the Arìege and what makes the surroundings of Chateau Cazaleres perfect for a walking holiday.