Hiking in the Pyrenees

Have you always dreamed of conquering the Pyrenees? Holiday Park Chateau Cazalères is the perfect place to start a hiking in these beautiful mountains.

The Pyrenees are one of Europe’s most pure natural parks. The peaks on the French side of this mountain range vary from 300 meter up to 3000 meters above sea level. Its erratic and snowy summits are alternated by deep valleys and vast moors, dense forests and imposing rivers. Thanks to the many protected areas, the Pyrenees are home to a large variety in flora and fauna. Wild cats, brown bears and mountain goats are among its inhabitants, and you’ll find the most beautiful flowers.

The Pyrenees offers many challenges for hikers of every level. Beginners could drive to Grotte du Mas d’Azil, at about 15 kilometers from Chateau Cazalères, and start walking from there. This is one of the largest caves in the whole of Europe, and the only one that allows you to drive through with a car! Several hiking trails start from here into the beautiful green surroundings, over hills and through picturesque villages.

The real mountains ogle for the more advance hikers. Start you walk in small mountain villages like Seix or Aulus les Bains, at about an hour drive from Chateau Cazalères. From here there’s dozens of mountain trails that take you along waterfalls, large valleys and wonderful mountain lakes. The view, constantly dominated by the imposing granite cliffs and snowy summits in the distance, will never get dull. The literal pinnacle of your hike will be Mont Valier. With its 2800 meter high summit it is the highest peak in de Arìege, and a must climb for every adventurous hiker!

You’ll find this highest summits of the Pyrenees in the middle of the mountain range, on the French-Spanish border at about a 2-3 hour drive from Chateau Cazalères. The highest peaks easily rise above 3000 meters. If you are planning on climbing one of these, your are guaranteed to find (eternal) snow! A peak worth mentioning is Pic du Midi de Bigorre. This mountain is not quite the highest in the area (it’s about 2800 meters high), but the top is home to a large observatory that is used to study the galaxy. That adjacent research center houses a museum, which is open to visitors.